• vol.8 Warm up in a hot spring! Spots to enjoy Winter in SHONAN


Hot springs - the perfect activity to enjoy in Winter We will be introducing two spots where you can enjoy hot springs in SHONAN, Odawara and Yugawara! We will also introduce other local spots that you can enjoy alongside the hot springs, so feel free to enjoy the hot springs as a day trip or overnight stay!


ODAWARAお堀端 万葉の湯ODAWARAお堀端 万葉の湯


Spots to enjoy together

Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum

A museum established inside the “Suzuhiro Kamaboko no Satou” facility. This musuem has a display that you can learn about the history of...more read

ODAWARA Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum
Odawara Fish Center

At “Odawara Sakana Center” that both local people and tourists gather to, is located right next to the Odawara Fishing Port. You can buy...more read

ODAWARA Odawara Fish Center
Toshi YoroizukaFarm

Tasting pianist Toshihiko Armorshut’s chef runs the Toshi Yoroizuka Farm. opening in 2011 from the feeling of “wanting to make food from...more read

ODAWARA Toshi YoroizukaFarm
Odawara castle tower

The castle tower is a symbol of Odawara-shi, which was restored over a total construction cost of 80 million yen as a milestone commemoration...more read

ODAWARA Odawara castle tower


YUGAWARA温泉 こごめの湯YUGAWARA温泉 こごめの湯

Spots to enjoy together

A Footbath Facility Doppu No Yu

At the footbath facility “Doppu no Yu” which has hot springs, there are nine springs which stimulate the acupuncture points on the foot so that...more read

YUGAWARA A Footbath Facility Doppu No Yu
Makuyama Park, Yugawara

Flowers of the four seasons can be enjoyed on the walking path with streams and ponds, and you can relax leisurely whil “tasting” the season. ...more read

YUGAWARA Makuyama Park, Yugawara
Yugawara Art Museum

Art museum where renovated old-fashioned inn Ryokan Museums Major artists of modern Japanese paintings – Takeuchi Susumu and Ito Shinsui...more read

YUGAWARA Yugawara Art Museum
Yugawara Sweets Factory

「“With delicious sweets, we will create happiness for everyone!” Chibori Yugawara Sweets Factory is a headquarters company of Gifts’ ...more read

YUGAWARA Yugawara Sweets Factory
Herlequn Bis

Delicious harmony of Yugawara and France. Making the best use of local products, one dish is filled with the seasonal menu of Yugawara....more read

YUGAWARA Herlequn Bis